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 Aker's Jessy     $150.00

Ear # AK73

DOB: 5/20/14

This doe has been there and won that! With 26.5 inch ears and 12 pounds this proven doe would be a great addition to any breeding program. Jessy is a registered grand champion with 4 legs. 

Dam: Aker's Sleepy

Sire: Aker's Gambler



AKER'S NOAH        $75.00

Ear # AK98


This is a nice buck with 22 inch ears at 11 weeks old. This buck has done great on the show table getting a leg his first time out. Updated pictures coming soon!

Sire: Grand Champion Aker's Smudge 

Dam: Aker's Eri

Aker's Rainman        $60.00

Ear # AK104

DOB: 4/24/15

This is a promising young man. With 26X5.5 inch ears and 7.2 pounds at 4 months of age. Rainman is out of a grand champion sire and his dam has 29 inch ears.Rainman should produce some nice kits and place well on the show table.


Sire:  Grand champion Aker's Smudge 

Dam: Aker's Roulette


Aker's Aubrey     $80.00

Ear # AK92

DOB: 2/28/15

This doe has amazing type and great ears! Aubrey's ears measure at 26.25X5.5 inches and have great texture. Aubrey has done well on the show table and is ready to make the move to her show home.


Sire: Grand champion Aker's Smudge

Dam: Aker's Roulette

Aker's Splash of Color      $75.00

Ear # AK115

DOB: 6/28/15

This buck has had my eye from day 1! Splash of Color  is looking great at a young age with 21 inch ears at 9 weeks. I would be keeping him if I had the space so grab him be for it is to late. This buck is going to do great on the show table!


Sire: Aker's Splash

Dam: Aker's Bambi




Aker's Jack     $40.00

Ear # AK113

DOB: 6/5/15

This handsome young man is sure to do great on the show table! With 22 inch ears 12 weeks of age. Jack shows promise at a young age.

Sire: Grand champion Aker's Smudge

Dam: Aker's Eri